31 december, 2012

Silverspoon for kids -

New Years eve is coming right up.
Tonight we are going to celebrate it, with friends. 

New Years also means a new beginning for some things, a fresh start and above all resolutions. 
I might have a long unwritten list of resolutions and thing that I want to do better or improve. 
But one thing I am sure of - is that I want to share more time in the kitchen with Luna.
She loves it already but I might need to try to focus more on the time we spend in the kitchen and how much I introduces her too. 

I recently bought this great children's cook book, she might be a little too young still but the illustrations are gorgeous and so easy to understand. The dishes are easy to do and are good ones to start with. 

Hope you all have a great evening with friends.
Be safe.

See you in 2013.

30 december, 2012

scrapbook -

Today I spend the afternoon on scrapbooking for Luna.
I have been wanting to do this for such a long time. 

Ever since Luna was born I have felt the need to create a book for her, with stories and memories that I have saved for her. So finally I got it started today - and I am so thrilled with the result so far.

I believe that being able to look back and remember your childhood and memories written down by your parents is the most completing thing you can experience when growing up, finding yourself. 
So before the next one comes along and I have to get along with two different scrapbooks. 

if it is -

I have got great news - 
I am pregnant once again and I feel so blessed.
I have so many great things to look forward too in the year to come. 
We still do not know what gender it is, but I created a small wish list for when we will be told. 
#5 Knitted house from LuckyBoySunday
#6 Blanket from RosenbergCph
#1Print found here
#4 Knitted baby blanket from LuckyBoySunday

25 december, 2012

Meet Bobo -

Meet Bobo
He just moved in at my place - and everyone adores him or her.
I don't really know what gender he/she is.

I don't really know what to use him for, other than just looking at him sitting in my window.
Luna loves him - but knows that Bobo is not hers but mama's toy :o)

Hope all of you are enjoying the christmas days, with the ones you love. 

Tekinoktay -

Merry christmas everyone - 
We had a wonderful evening with close family. 
Hope all of you enjoyed yours.

Recently I bought this great, great poster in this fine lingerie Tekinoktay in the center of Copenhagen. 
Unfortunately the beautiful boutique is closing soon - 
so I got a change to buy this poster to remind me of the great atmosphere in there.

I saw the exhibition that she did and this poster reminds me of that experience. 
I love it - and now it is on display in my bedroom.

23 december, 2012

for a specialday -

As some other bloggers also has shared, is this beautiful calendar 
made by SpecialDay.
The most talented artists Gabriella Barouch has illustrated every single month.

In the middle of all the christmas preparations I just wanted to share this great calendar, which will follow me through the next year - can't wait to see what it will bring...

19 december, 2012

red -

For most people, christmas is the color red.
Everything is red, Santa Claus, the decorations...
So here is a preview and an inspirational board for you. 


17 december, 2012

green -

Green is such a fresh color - and it makes me happy just to create these collages of color. 
It reminds me of summer but also happy times I have had.

I wonder why it is not a more present color when indoor decorating? 
It is a healthy color as well - we aren't we more attached to it?

I am so sorry that I haven't been taken more photos lately, I miss it so much.
Unfortunately I got my phone stolen, so right now I am stuck with a middle-aged Nokia which doesn't do much else than call someone. It hardly send messages.
So hopefully I soon will be able to share more of my daily life with you - 
and to that my husband recently bought a professional camera, which I have to learn how to use in order to take good photos. But I can't wait, maybe sometime soon in the new year hopefully.

10 december, 2012

white -

I dedicate this post to all the snow, that has fallen around us all through the weekend and today.
I love looking out my window an appreciate that everything is white, so far at least. 

So I choose to appreciate it while it is here. 

08 december, 2012

plum -

This color is defiantly a favorite - oh, forget it - so many colors are so fantastics in their own way. 
This color, plum, especially comes to life when being presented together with particular colors. 

I would love to eat or wear something with plum right now, ice cream, pure plum fruit or a cake - whatever - it looks so delicious. 

Please share your thought on these photo collages that I do with photos from Pinterest.
I would love to hear them. 

07 december, 2012

petrol blue -

I just love doing these color inspirational collages and I hope you enjoy them as well?
Today I present, to you the color blue petrol.

I don't think I would use the color for my own home decoration but I love the color in general and on individual furniture and clothing. I especially love the Hans Wegner chair in the new color Petrol Blue. 

06 december, 2012


Another color treatment from the favorite place - Pinterest.
This time I collected an inspirational board of one my favorite colors - mint.

Enjoy your thursday night - I love the fact that it is finally snowing all day through and the christmas spirit is all around.

29 november, 2012

etsy findings -

I love Etsy - I don't think I can say that enough. 
Here are some of my recent finds - 
I wanted to share with you for inspiration.
I put links to all the things, so that you will be able to find them if you like them too. 

27 november, 2012

peach -

The other day I spent some time looking through Pinterest, which easily could become a habit. 
I found so many beautiful pictures, that I wanted to share with you for inspiration. 
Today I will present to the color PEACH.

Peach is a beautiful color, that reminds me most of all of summer time. 
So for now - it just a sneak peak of summer, now when we are expecting snow within the next couple of days here in Denmark. 

22 november, 2012

thoughts on christmas -

the picture has been borrowed from Pinterest

Dear readers,
In this post I just wanted to share my thoughts on christmas which is soon gonna arrive.
To me, christmas has always felt important and a period that needed to be done with specifications and a lot of extra thoughts. It was also a time, with a lot of time spent together with family. 

Unfortunately, I lost my christmas spirit the day that my beloved mother past away when I was 16 years old. She has always been the one preparing like crazy so that me and my sisters always where excited and surprised. I remember my childhood in december, as the most wonderful time ever, everything where so unpredictable - and I loved it.

Ever since then, I of course has grown up, become a mother and a wife. And it has become my turn to decide how I want my christmas to be for my children and for the future. What traditions to I want to keep, which do I find irrelevant and which haven't I already heard of?
So many thoughts are crossing my mind, I don't know if it stupid, but I still feel like they take up a lot of my "thinking time" and worries me sometime. 
Is christmas always red, should there be present all the way through december, should there be presents at all? What values do I want to pass on to my children - and how do I want them to feel about christmas time? It is so difficult - but when you like, care a lot about the presentation and the planning part of things like this it can be frustrating. 
I hate the idea of christmas being all about the gifts, I hate everything about wishing lists - if presents are giving it should be because a persons wants to and have put in some thoughts when giving a present. I know for sure, that this is what I am gonna learn my daughter, who already knows what she wants and what she doesn't. 
I married a guy who has never a christmas like mine, what he remembers as important, was the fact that people spent time together and ate good food. 
I know christmas is also about enjoying this, since it is a big part of that one evening. 

I am sorry for this long post, I hope some of you who comes by my blog share some of my frustrations or have some comments? Feel free to write me.

19 november, 2012

new stilleben shop -

So, hello from me.
The days are just passing by, everything stays the same - almost.
I have excited news, I will pronounce them very soon. 

Everthing on Stillebens new webshop, looks absolutely delicious.
So I decided to show you my personal favorites this fall/winter time.
Lots of wood, cobber, beautiful prints and warm cosy blankets.

So, you can find everything right here


12 november, 2012

invitations -

I have a thing for invitations...
I love doing them as much as doing the actual party or occasion, whatever, I am of that belief that the impressions you get out of an invitations says so much about the person and that is what adds the value.

Value is so many things, but for me, so many things need the added value, in order to make me happy or to feel satisfied.
I don't know about you guys, but I guess that most bloggers have some kind of interest in the final touch - otherwise you wouldn't spend your time doing it?

Above is the invitation that I am gonna send out tomorrow, it is for a christmas baking event that I am planning on doing for all the girls in my family. 
What I did, was that I took a large piece of white paper, something like an A3.
I used rubber stamps to write the text.
Afterwards I took a picture of it.
I put it into to photoshop and worked with details, removed the background.
And final I have had it printed as a photo/postcard.

I haven't had the chance to take a picture of the final result, because our camera is always on the rund, since my husband is using it for work most of the time.
But I guess you get the picture.

Below - I just wanted to share some great invitations that I discovered on Pinterest.

11 november, 2012


so many lovely ways to dress at fall/winter times
here are some of my favourite styles this year 

i can't wait until december - which means a lot of baking, creating and enjoyable time.
until then, I don't have much time for being creative or anything at home.

08 november, 2012

I am not dead - just back with inspiration

I am so sorry for the silence on my blog lately - I just haven't felt any inspiration or any need for sharing so much. But I think I am back in the game within the nearest future.

For now I will upload pictures of ceramics made by the extremely talented Pi Bjørg and I can reveal that many products are on my wish lists for this christmas.

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