17 december, 2012

green -

Green is such a fresh color - and it makes me happy just to create these collages of color. 
It reminds me of summer but also happy times I have had.

I wonder why it is not a more present color when indoor decorating? 
It is a healthy color as well - we aren't we more attached to it?

I am so sorry that I haven't been taken more photos lately, I miss it so much.
Unfortunately I got my phone stolen, so right now I am stuck with a middle-aged Nokia which doesn't do much else than call someone. It hardly send messages.
So hopefully I soon will be able to share more of my daily life with you - 
and to that my husband recently bought a professional camera, which I have to learn how to use in order to take good photos. But I can't wait, maybe sometime soon in the new year hopefully.

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