31 december, 2012

Silverspoon for kids -

New Years eve is coming right up.
Tonight we are going to celebrate it, with friends. 

New Years also means a new beginning for some things, a fresh start and above all resolutions. 
I might have a long unwritten list of resolutions and thing that I want to do better or improve. 
But one thing I am sure of - is that I want to share more time in the kitchen with Luna.
She loves it already but I might need to try to focus more on the time we spend in the kitchen and how much I introduces her too. 

I recently bought this great children's cook book, she might be a little too young still but the illustrations are gorgeous and so easy to understand. The dishes are easy to do and are good ones to start with. 

Hope you all have a great evening with friends.
Be safe.

See you in 2013.

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