22 november, 2012

thoughts on christmas -

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Dear readers,
In this post I just wanted to share my thoughts on christmas which is soon gonna arrive.
To me, christmas has always felt important and a period that needed to be done with specifications and a lot of extra thoughts. It was also a time, with a lot of time spent together with family. 

Unfortunately, I lost my christmas spirit the day that my beloved mother past away when I was 16 years old. She has always been the one preparing like crazy so that me and my sisters always where excited and surprised. I remember my childhood in december, as the most wonderful time ever, everything where so unpredictable - and I loved it.

Ever since then, I of course has grown up, become a mother and a wife. And it has become my turn to decide how I want my christmas to be for my children and for the future. What traditions to I want to keep, which do I find irrelevant and which haven't I already heard of?
So many thoughts are crossing my mind, I don't know if it stupid, but I still feel like they take up a lot of my "thinking time" and worries me sometime. 
Is christmas always red, should there be present all the way through december, should there be presents at all? What values do I want to pass on to my children - and how do I want them to feel about christmas time? It is so difficult - but when you like, care a lot about the presentation and the planning part of things like this it can be frustrating. 
I hate the idea of christmas being all about the gifts, I hate everything about wishing lists - if presents are giving it should be because a persons wants to and have put in some thoughts when giving a present. I know for sure, that this is what I am gonna learn my daughter, who already knows what she wants and what she doesn't. 
I married a guy who has never a christmas like mine, what he remembers as important, was the fact that people spent time together and ate good food. 
I know christmas is also about enjoying this, since it is a big part of that one evening. 

I am sorry for this long post, I hope some of you who comes by my blog share some of my frustrations or have some comments? Feel free to write me.

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  1. Christmas is a beautiful time but at the same time is a stressful time, too much thing going on, too much spending, and it get crazy at times, but I think that the important thing is to be with family and enjoy those moments. In this time of year I try to do that for my son , he is 7 years old and when he grow up I just want that he can have great memories about this time.

    Best wishes!


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