21 januar, 2013

Alpaca Pie -

Today i discovered, through this other blog, a knitting clothing brand made in Peru. 
It is called Alpaca Pie

I have for such a long time, been wanting to start something up on my own based on the traditions and the craftsmanship that are to find in this beautiful country. 
This just shows me, that sometimes you must go with your heart and take a chance if you feel it.
Maybe someday in the nearest future I will be brave enough to take that jump....?

I especially fell deeply in love with this white knitted baby cardigan with gorgeous details, called 'Knotty Dotty'.

So many great details made in a very classic and traditional way, that will never go out of style. 

20 januar, 2013

for my soon to be 2 little girls -

For this seasons sale, I brought home a bunch of great findings for my little girls. 
Both the unborn girl and for Luna.
(I am not much for saying this, but I have a thing for collecting way ahead of time) 

15 januar, 2013

Eric the Bunny -

Another knitted friend has moved in our house this week,
(he is on sale at the moment - if you want him to move in with you as well)

He is so cute and is already a hit - it was the meaning that I would save him for the baby that arrives this summer, but maybe he will move in a little sooner and become Luna's friend. 

14 januar, 2013


The preparations has begun,
we got the big news the other day and we are having another girl
I have been extremely curious since many of the preparations according to me, has a lot to do with what gender the baby is. So now it can begin - 
We can't wait, she was healthy and looked extremely cute. 

Modeer & Munkholm -

For christmas my great little sister gave me a copy of a book she recently participated in making. 
It is a cookbook for families with a bunch of great recipes containing no sugar. 

My sister did all the graphic work and I really think it turned out great. 
She does not have a website yet, but if you want see more of her work I will collect on my blog in the nearest future. 

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