12 november, 2012

invitations -

I have a thing for invitations...
I love doing them as much as doing the actual party or occasion, whatever, I am of that belief that the impressions you get out of an invitations says so much about the person and that is what adds the value.

Value is so many things, but for me, so many things need the added value, in order to make me happy or to feel satisfied.
I don't know about you guys, but I guess that most bloggers have some kind of interest in the final touch - otherwise you wouldn't spend your time doing it?

Above is the invitation that I am gonna send out tomorrow, it is for a christmas baking event that I am planning on doing for all the girls in my family. 
What I did, was that I took a large piece of white paper, something like an A3.
I used rubber stamps to write the text.
Afterwards I took a picture of it.
I put it into to photoshop and worked with details, removed the background.
And final I have had it printed as a photo/postcard.

I haven't had the chance to take a picture of the final result, because our camera is always on the rund, since my husband is using it for work most of the time.
But I guess you get the picture.

Below - I just wanted to share some great invitations that I discovered on Pinterest.

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