31 juli, 2012

inspiration board -

29 juli, 2012

bring in the nature -

We are back from Sweden.
We had a great trip with my family - and once again fell in love with the Swedish countryside. 

My father cut me these great round bricks - 
they are gonna look great on the table with candles on.

It is always nice to enjoy the sight and the smell of beautiful lavenders. 
This was the end of my vacation, tomorrow it is once again back to work.

25 juli, 2012

just saying hi -

So, I am just saying hi since I am still on vacation with my family. 
We are really enjoying the summer that finally has arrived here in Denmark. 

While we were at the summerhouse we went to this large flea market - and I actually love the two things that I found. I love the mint color and the small boxes.

The small drawers where filled with all kinds of things, but what was such a great surprise was all the old tickets. I am thinking about creating a picture with them - I kind of liking that idea. 

The blueberry season is here - and Luna for sure loves them...
Enjoy the rest of the week - especially those of you who are able to go outside. 
I will see you at the end of the week when returning from Sweden. 

xoxo Sarah

19 juli, 2012

H&M -

Just a quick hi from me - 
I am for the most part enjoying my summer vacation here in Denmark, even though the weather is rainy. 
They have this season made these gorgeous cardigan, that I tomorrow will go and look for, for my daughter. 
I just received the newest magazine from H&M and they have become much more interesting in there "home" collection and these two bed-sheets are very beautiful.

enjoy the rest of your evening - 

11 juli, 2012

hay love -

Yesterday I went to the great store HAY in the center of Copenhagen.
I was walking around the city looking for inspiration and killing time - 
and I decided to show you my new favorites from their newest collection.

Which ones do you like?

10 juli, 2012

the birthday -

So - as the ones of you who read my blog on a regular basis, you all know that Luna's birthday were coming up.
And so it did - we had a huge party this sunday and she had the best day.
With friends and family, presents and cake - and what else comes with....
Here are some of the pictures from the day -

#1 Her present from her grandparents, a sailor dress from BangBangCph.
The train is a birthday train that we bought for her, since I like the idea that it is something that she can take with her when she grows up.
#2 She was soooo into all of her presents - I love it.
#3 I had bought a lot of great stuff for the party right here (by the way it is a great little webshop)
#4 the popcorn thing was a hit and they have a great size as a snack.

my new bedroom -

Here is the first preview of my new bedroom and I must say that I am very satisfied with the final result.
I have always been very much in love with the wallpaper that Ferm Living has made with harlequin print and now I love it even more. 
What do you think?
I promise to post more pictures some day soon, when I am all done with unpacking our stuff.  

09 juli, 2012

the seventy tree -

I was so pleased to receive this great gift from the very gifted illustrator Kerry Layton - the lady behind seventy tree. I won her give-away,  because I gave her some great visit-Copenhagen advise. 
I didn't know what I won, so when I opened the envelope I was very pleased to see that I had gotten my favorite print
I am so sorry about the silence on my blog lately, finally our moving is over.
I can't wait to show you pictures...so stay tuned for more pics. 

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