26 juni, 2012

LuckyBoySunday present

My little girls birthday is coming up and I am, as you might already know, started to prepare.
So this is a picture of a part of her present. 
I absolutely love and adore Beauty Baby from LuckyBoySunday. 

I bought it right here and you might wanna check out their own webpage for more inspiration. 

I have started my packing here at home, we are moving in less than a week.
I am excited but still sad to leave this great place. 

xoxo Sarah

24 juni, 2012

djeco -

Does any of you know Djeco?

Djeco was founded over 50 years ago but just recently started to grow with their developing of new creative and unique toys for children.

Djeco focus on, that Djeco toy is fun and entertaining.
The play is essential for the development of the children and their minds. 

We have already tried some of their stickers and they are extremely funny - especially because you decide what to do with them. There's no right or wrong way.

23 juni, 2012

Celeste -

Our beloved cousin baby Celeste are being celebrated today.
So of course we have bought her a present and wrapped it nicely. 

Have a fantastic weekend everyone. 

22 juni, 2012

pantone -

My sisters is graduating this friday and are coming home after one year away. 
I bought these postcards for her, they are so great and I must say that after having them delivered here and having seen them in real life I must own a box myself. 

How could I possibly live without?
I bought them right here!

21 juni, 2012

celebrating 4 years -

Celebrating the last four years of marriage today.
I can't believe that time passes so fast - still we were so young four years ago and look what we have become. I am so proud of being your wife and so proud of the way you believe in yourself. 
We have celebrated the day by spending the time together as a family and we have been eating at some of our favorite places in Copenhagen. 

I passed my exam today, with a much better result than I had ever hoped for. Don't get why I always get this nervous  - even though now it is over and I can peacefully enjoy my whole summer vacation with my family. 

Enjoy the sunny weather and have a great thursday night. 

xoxo Sarah

20 juni, 2012

at the end of the road -

I don't know why I feel this way.

I have my exam tomorrow and I have never felt this lost in an area as I have done the last couple of days. It is frustrating like ... and I feel like I have nothing to say. 

I hate it, I absolutely hate it - 
Can't wait until it is over so that I can enjoy the summer with my family and spend all my energy on what really matters to me. 

Sorry about this post, just needed to share it with "someone". 

19 juni, 2012

birthday wishes -

Since Luna's birthday is soon coming up we have created a wish list to send to our family and friends who are invited. I love being visual and I think it is easier to show what looks good when getting it presented like this. What do you think?

Since she doesn't need anything, really, this is mostly stuff which would be fun to have. 
Those of you who have followed me for some time, know that I have a passion for children's shoes. 
That is why there in the wish list is three different pair. 

18 juni, 2012

on my mind -

Many thoughts are on my mind these days - and I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 
Enjoy your monday everyone - 

16 juni, 2012

Wooden birthday ice -

Cute wooden ice creams from Le Toy Van that I bought for Luna as a pre-birthday present, if there is anything like that? I just love them and I love to watch her trying to eat them because she so badly wants them to be real. 

Couldn't resist these flamingos for funny drinks and thought of using them for Luna's upcoming birthday party. I am planning on doing a circus theme - but more on that later on.

Have a great weekend. 

15 juni, 2012

like sisters -

I grew up with two sisters and today, even though I some times hated them, I would never have had a childhood without them. It meant the world to me always having someone around me...

When we are moving in two weeks or so, we are going to live together with my husbands sister and her family, which means that Luna is gonna share everything with her beloved little cousin Celeste better known as "baby".
They are going to share room and I hope they will appreciate the thought of it, later in life. 
Who will know, when more babies will be brought into this life?

(here is some pictures of the to adorable littles girls having fun)

13 juni, 2012

more love from Etsy -

I found these pretty purses through this lovely lady and I must say once more I feel in love and all of a sudden I found the need to get a new purse. 

Have a great night - 

12 juni, 2012

in love with bookhou -

I just saw a link at this great blog and I checked out this great store at Etsy - and I fell in deep love with these bags. They are so pretty with their graphic print and rough fabric look. 

Now all I have to do, is to think which one I would love to give myself as a perfect summer present.
Doesn't that sound as a good idea?

11 juni, 2012

Preview -

My dear husband did a short commercial video for the people behind the great children toy-store Karrusella.

My daugther has been used a lot - of course - and now the editing is done and the movie is online. 
Please watch it and share your thoughts, if you have any. 

06 juni, 2012

morning view -

Please check out my newest folder on the blog, I am cleaning out my clothes and maybe there is something you'd like? Find it right here...

01 juni, 2012

Room with a view

Since we are moving on the first of July, our apartment needs to be rented to someone else.
So consider this great place if you are in the need of a new home.

It is the perfect spot, do don't get it any better.
There is so quiet and calm, even though we are in the middle of the city. 

So if you are interested please contact Jamie Wallace on telephone 21 65 36 97 or by e-mail jwal@dpu.dk

The apartment has 3 rooms, nice large kitchen and bathroom. 
The rent is 9.800 kr. pr. month and is available from the 1/7 2012

So hope you find it interesting..

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