31 august, 2012


30 august, 2012

the world up on the wall -

another quick hi from me - 
a lot is going on and as I have mentioned previously I am working on something huge.
I just can't wait to show you so soon. 

22 august, 2012

fall wishes for mama -

I have plenty of fashion wishes this fall as well as with any other new season.
You always feel like, you need something else in your closet. 

So for now, these are on my list. 

And here are where you can find the different items:

#1 COS
#2 H&M
#4 Aigle

21 august, 2012


So much is going on - 
I am back in school, I am working on something very interesting, that I can't wait to show you.
Hopefully everything will be ready very soon. 

I just found these great flowery jeans the other day - and I love them.

19 august, 2012

CPH Kids -

Just saying hi - 
enjoying the weekend with my family.
Last weekend, we went to the CPH KIDS FAIR 2012 and I was so lucky so sit on the front row of the trendshow 2012. 
So here is a little bit of spam from that day - presenting some of next summers styles. 

As all of you might know, I am a huge fan of Luckyboysunday so for me it was a great pleasure to see them presenting their whole range of products. 

13 august, 2012

Luna's værelse

Welcome to Luna's place.
Full of books and toys. 
Full of colors - and all of her favorite clothes. 
Her favorite beauty baby is always sitting in the bed, since she got her for her 2-years birthday. 

On Luna's side there is a children fishing wallpaper and on the other side, where her cousin sleeps there is full of air-ballons from Ferm Living
They absolutely love their room and it is such a pleasure to see them enjoying it together. 

The last pic is from our bedroom, I recently added the two house-pillow from Luckyboysunday.  
Love Sarah

11 august, 2012

masking favorites -

Just a quick update from me - I recently bought bought 3 new favorite masking tape.
So - I just wanted to show my whole collection. 

03 august, 2012

365 -

- the most inspiring book when spending time with children - 

01 august, 2012


Did some great finds today.
A great coral top and a soft yellow knitted suit for Luna.

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