18 februar, 2013

maternity style -

Ever since I got pregnant again, I have started to wonder on how to carry the big baby bump with style.
To me, it is all about, not fitting into my pants, everything is either too tight or otherwise it doesn't really fit like it used too.
So I decided to investigate on, how other pregnant women carried out their baby bump - and it seems to me like it is not at all impossible. 
Of course, all of these pictures have been taken somewhere where it is not raining, snowing or where you have to carry on a huge jacket not to freeze. 

So I am looking forward to spring and to the final three months of my pregnancy. 
Hopefully it will be enjoyable some of the time...and it seems to me like I just have to jump into it and learn how to accessorize :o)

But here is the inspiration that I found - all the pictures have been carefully picked and borrowed right here

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