25 juli, 2012

just saying hi -

So, I am just saying hi since I am still on vacation with my family. 
We are really enjoying the summer that finally has arrived here in Denmark. 

While we were at the summerhouse we went to this large flea market - and I actually love the two things that I found. I love the mint color and the small boxes.

The small drawers where filled with all kinds of things, but what was such a great surprise was all the old tickets. I am thinking about creating a picture with them - I kind of liking that idea. 

The blueberry season is here - and Luna for sure loves them...
Enjoy the rest of the week - especially those of you who are able to go outside. 
I will see you at the end of the week when returning from Sweden. 

xoxo Sarah

2 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg er mindst ligeså begejstret for de gamle kuponer som for selve fundene. Hvor er det bare nostalgisk. Jeg håber, du finder på en god ide med dem.

  2. Alle de små billetter er virkelig fine! Forsat god ferie, glæder mig til min starter i morgen.


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