10 juli, 2012

the birthday -

So - as the ones of you who read my blog on a regular basis, you all know that Luna's birthday were coming up.
And so it did - we had a huge party this sunday and she had the best day.
With friends and family, presents and cake - and what else comes with....
Here are some of the pictures from the day -

#1 Her present from her grandparents, a sailor dress from BangBangCph.
The train is a birthday train that we bought for her, since I like the idea that it is something that she can take with her when she grows up.
#2 She was soooo into all of her presents - I love it.
#3 I had bought a lot of great stuff for the party right here (by the way it is a great little webshop)
#4 the popcorn thing was a hit and they have a great size as a snack.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Tillykke med din smukke datter.

  2. Look that she have a great time, I love picture #2 , so lovely! x


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