11 september, 2012

Copenhagen inspiration tour -

This is not so much a tour guide, but more like an inspiration to where-to-go when looking for inspiration when home decorating.
My friend and I, went on a day-trip around in the city of Copenhagen in the search of new inspiration.
(I aplogyse in advance, that I forgot my camera, so the pictures are the only ones from my Iphone)

We started our trip, meeting up at a small café on Christianshavn, called Sweat treat, they serve great coffee and have the true feeling of being a local café. 

We continued to the Apartment, also located on Christianshavn.
We came the minute the opened, and it was a very beatiful 'apartment' but there where nobody there and there where no prices on anything. Mostly it looked like someone lived there.
So unfortunately we were a bit disappointed, since the place is very well discussed.

After Christianshavn, we went on out bicycles and went to the center of Copenhagen to visit the large HAY boutique

(it looks like marmor is the new thing...very beautiful - but I guess that I have to get use to the material)

(great colors from HAY)

After HAY we went to Stilleben, to buy there new 10th anniversary poster.

Next on the list was to visit our great friend Susan Liebe, at her store Liebe - also in the center of Copenhagen. She has included the first floor of her boutique and made it into a childrens and home department. 

(it really has turned out great - what do you think?)

After Liebe is was time for lunch, so we went to Istedgade at Vesterbro, which is a great place to get inspired and a place with so many great stores.

We went to Designer Zoo and was blown away by the pretty colors of the bean table and many other great things. 

Along the way down Istedgade, we stopped at the large store DANSK and found many pretty things - among other things this diamond light was one of our favourites. 

Vesterbro is such a great part of Copenhagen and I love the spirit there.
We walked down Værnedamsvej at the edge of Frederiksberg and made a quick stop by Dora - another great interior store. 
Vesterbro has great second hand shops as well - I did an amazing find. 

We sure went other places than this, but this much I remember at the moment. 
And Copenhagen has so much to offer and so many great stores - maybe I will show you another time.
I kind of like doing these guides - or not guides. 

Tell me if you like it - I can do more!

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